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trending | face masks

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All the rage at the moment is face masks – sheet masks, collagen masks, glycolic masks, volcanic ash masks. You name it. Recently I discovered some fabulous face masks from Korea. Ever since the arrival of the infamous BB cream, all eyes have been on Korea’s beauty scene. Dubbed the new skincare superpower, calling them about 12 YEARS AHEAD OF SKINCARE INNOVATION GLOBALLY, it is no wonder all eyes are on Korean beauty products.

Now that I have your attention, what type of face masks should you be buying from these sites?

See below to check out two of Korea’s biggest and emerging key players on the market.

Some of my favourite sites at the moment for Korean masks include:

1. Peach and Lily – One of my favourite sites and probably one of the best sites on the web for Korean face masks. My favourite mask would definitely have to be either their Gold Premium Modeling “Rubber” Mask or Charcoal Hydrogel Mask.

2. Sokoglam! – An inexpensive girls guide to face masks. Sokoglam! offers some reasonable options at a fraction of the price compared to Peach and Lily. Whilst face masks can be used all over the face, sometimes you might just want to enhance or correct specific areas. Sokoglam! has an awesome eye mask, TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Glam Rock Mask, featuring a fun black lace print to intensely moisturise the delicate eye area. The Too Cool For School Glam Rock Mask is also one of Soko Glam’s favorite picks for 2014!

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summer trend | strobing

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strobing // what is it ?

Move over contouring, there is a new make up trend on the block : strobing. But you say, what is strobing ? basically it is a cooler word for highlighting. Want to know how to get the perfect bohemian, natural and fresh from vacation make up look for summer + with the perfect sultry, subtle, dewy complexion ?

1. get your skin prepped with a perfect hydrating moisturiser // strobing is all about getting the perfect sultry, dewy glow to the skin & a hydrating moisturiser will do just that – we love the hydracure moisturiser by germaine de capuccini !

2. chose the correct highlighter for your skin colour // make sure the highlighter you choose for your strobing effect, compliments your skin tone for the subtle glow – I love the NARS illuminator copacabana for light medium skin tones for a pink champagne effect !

3. highlight to enhance // only highlight those areas you are wanting to highlight the most : the eyes, the brow of the nose, forehead above the eyebrow, cheekbones, temples and cupids bow.

4. blending // make sure you evenly blend the areas you have highlighted to avoid obvious make up lines.

5. avoiding shine, instead of glow // strobing is perfect for highlighting your most loved features, but do not mistake strobing for an all-over halo sheen. Avoid highlighting those areas where you break-out the most and make sure your foundation and powders are sheen free.

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inspo | summer makeup trends 2015

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Image credit: Harpers Bazaar

Bohemian, natural and fresh from vacation : one of the underlying summer makeup trends 2015. One of my favourite looks for the trend ahead. Trending now : brushed up eyebrows. Eyebrows are the strongest feature and are achieved in this pic by filling the brow in with a lil eyebrow pencil (I prefer eyeshadow), then blended with a warm, chocolate-y cream eyeshadow across the lid to finish.

Other summer makeup trend looks include : neon liner, rosy cheeks and lips, bright lips

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facials | how to make the results last longer

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So you have just had a facial and you want the results to last longer. We all know that generally your skin bounces back to normal after a few days. But what if I told you, you can actually extend this period up to a week ? or even 2 ? See our list below for your how to get that post-complexion perfection :

1. Hydration : water is the number one factor to glowing, hydrated skin. Well-hydrated cells carry out their functions better.

2. Skincare routine : amp up your skincare routine. This does not mean using every cream in your cupboard to get maximum results. Oh, no, no. I mean strategically choosing the right creams that will promote the best appearance of your skin, i.e. if your focus was on eliminating dead skin cells, proper use of a day and night cream, teamed with a good cleanser, will help to eliminate any impurities your skin picks up in the day, making it easier for your skin to slough away the debris and dead skin cells.

3. Minimal makeup : keep makeup to a minimum. After a facial your skin cells are trying to regenerate themselves faster than normal. Allow your skin to breathe roughly for 48hrs before applying a face of makeup. And, if you are applying before this period or directly after your treatment, ensure you choose one that is mineral and free of nasties that might clog your pores. We love kylies mineral foundation x


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waxing & threading | before & after do’s + don’ts

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One of the most common questions I have been asked as a therapist: will I break out after brow waxing or threading ? It is true that waxing or threading naturally will open your pores, but there are some simple steps you can take before and after your treatment where you won’t have to sacrifice killer brows for acne-free-skin.

before | cleanse skin thoroughly of impurities, including a fresh face (you will be surprised how much you accumulate on the skin even without makeup !) – also ask your therapist if he/she can also cleanse your skin before your treatment (all therapists should have a skin cleanser on hand to clear your skin of impurities before your treatment !)

after | looking, but no touching girls and boys ! you will also be surprised how much bacteria you carry on your hands each day. Touching this area constantly after your waxing can spread bacteria and germs to that area causing your skin to react and cause those nasty bumps to resonate.

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engagement party inspo

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When planning for an engagement party it is always extremely difficult finding a venue and finding a venue that houses all the guests you are wanting to invite. Not only are venues costly, but they also may not fit the style or look that encompasses your wedding theme. That is why, sometimes it is best and more cost effective to style your own engagement at your family home. My sister recently got married and instead of having the headache of planning, booking and prepping a venue, she was able to capture the look and feel that she really wanted by styling her dream “engagement party” at our family abode in Brookfield.

Catering: Superior Fruit & Wendy’s Kitchen | Flowers: Brisbane Market Flowers

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bridal makeup | a wedding in marostica

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Dreamy, whimsical… doesn’t even begin to describe the ambience surrounding my sisters wedding day.

Dress: MXM Couture | Bridal Makeup: Caterina Francesca // New Farm Beauty Room

| Venue: Hotel Villa Ca’Sette

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